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Lesson 9-Moon Journals

Understanding: Students will be making observations nightly and record their observations while discussing during class time the moon and it’s effect on water.

Time: 10 day homework assignment (5 minutes a night required to observe and record)

Materials: Nature journals, pencil, clear sky (check the 10 day weather forecast for a good week to begin the project)

Anticipatory Set: As the year has proceeded and you have utilized the outdoors in your lessons, students should begin to be grasping the idea of close observation and insight.  Facilitate a conversation about teh importance of the moon, it’s gravitational pull and affects on the oceans tides… this is an amazing assignment to go right alongside a theme of space exploration, gravity, the plants, etc…

Lesson: The students are expected to make moon journals in class and every night for 10 days in a row, go outside with their parents and record what the moon looks like.  Ask the students to draw a picture and use words to describe what they are seeing.  What color is the moon? Is it waxing or waning? (Wonderful time to introduce that vocabulary.)  At the end of the 10 days, compare the moon journals and facilitate a conversation around what they thought about that assignment and if they had ever paid that close of attention to the moon before!


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