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Lesson 8-Perspectives Story

Understanding: Students will be observing abiotic, biotic and cultural elements in nature and develop and express perspective, empathy and self knowledge.

Time: 1 hour

Materials: Pencil, paper (nature journals), perspective example, writing surface, field guides or resource books and colored pencils

Anticipatory Set: This lesson is best started outside.  Facilitate a mind map, reviewing or teaching the A,B,C’s (abiotic, biotic, and cultural scientific categories).  Have students begin by getting into pairs and brainstorming as many things that they can and placing them into one of the three categories.  After, read an example Perspectives Story to the students and ask them to guess who you are in nature.

For Example: I am small, yet powerful.  If the wind catches me right, I can travel great distances.  I am usually not spotted right away when I first start but each year that I get older, I get bigger and bigger.  When I first begin growing, I have to be very careful not to be eaten by deer or other plant eating animals.  I think the most amazing thing about myself is that when I fly, I fall from the sky as a helicopter flies, spinning and twirling faster than you could imagine, hanging from branches and leaves until I finally reach the forest floor. (I am a Big Leaf Maple seed.)


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