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Lesson 12-Without your Adaptation

Understanding: Students begin to grasp the idea of adaptations and not only that we have them… but why they developed in the first place!

Time: As long as they can…  🙂

Materials: Tape and their lunches

Anticipatory Set: Read The Mixed up Chameleon or any other children’s story that begins to grapple with the idea of adaptation.

Lesson: This “lesson” is quick and easy and you can see how long it catches on for.  Facilitate a conversation about adaptations and ask if humans have any adaptations?  After, tape all of your students hands together by taping their opposable thumbs to the rest of their fingers so they can no longer use them.  This is a great lesson to do just before lunch because trying to eat without your opposable thumbs can be difficult.  They will begin to bet each other who can keep their tape on the longest… it is great to watch and an amazing learning experience!


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