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Lesson 10-Sound Map

Understanding: Students will be making observations using all of their senses, collecting their observations and recording them.

Time: 30 minutes

Materials: Nature journals, a hard surface

Anticipatory Set: Read Owl Moon by John J. Muth… if it is a nice enough day read it outside so that at times, you can stop as a class and listen!  Facilitate a conversation about the importance of all of our senses.  We rely on our sight so much but it is important to use ALL of our senses.

Lesson: Have the students open their Nature Journals to a blank page and use a ruler to draw four even lines, creating a square.  Inside of the lines, students will be listening for a full five minuets without speaking, using colored pencils and lines and shapes to represent what they are hearing.  Instruct them to first put a dot in the middle of their paper representing themselves.  Show the students an example sound map that has a black jagged line representing a raven and small yellow circles representing a chickadee for example.  After, return to the classroom and construct a GIANT square on the whiteboard for students to come up and collectively draw everything that they heard in that five minutes and share with the group.


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