A New Education

Encourage exploration, growth, curiosity and independence in a hands-on, minds-on learning environment!


It is my hope that teachers will use these lessons as an integral part of their curriculum, supplementing these multidisciplinary lessons with their district approved curriculum.  These lessons are experiential and purposeful and after each lesson, it is imperative that the teacher facilitate a debrief.  The debrief will serve partially as an informative assessment, gaining a clear understanding of where the students are in their learning.

(If there are any lessons that you use in your classroom, please leave a comment and let us know how it went and anything that you did differently or added to it so we can make these lessons even better!)

Lesson 1-Meet a Tree/Plant

Lesson 2-Adopt a Tree

Lesson 3-Oh Dear!

Lesson 4-Leaf in a Bag

Lesson 5-Each One/Teach One

Lesson 6-Web of Life

Lesson 7-Life of a Raindrop

Lesson 8-Perspectives Story

Lesson 9-Moon Journal

Lesson 10-Sound Map

Lesson 11-You Are What You Eat Collage

Lesson 12-Without your Adaptation

Lesson 13-If I were a Bird (Adaptations)

Lesson 14-What do you know about Adaptations?


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