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Weeding and Waiting

We have reached a point in our gardening skills where I truly wish we had a master gardener mentor to visit our garden and instruct us further.  It may be because I am incredibly impatient and am wishing we planted more starters rather than starting from seeds as well.  Weeding around the onions and starters has been fairly easy as the plant is easily identifiable but weeding around everything else is difficult right now.  I can’t tell which is the veggie and which is the weed so I am waiting on weeding those beds until they develop a little more.

In my boredom I decided that our garden needed a scarecrow.  I collected the necessary accoutrement and headed to the garden, ready to erect a strapping scarecrow that would put fear in the eyes of any bird attempting to nibble my lettuce.  I learned very quickly that building a scarecrow is not nearly as easy as it looks.  The hay falls out the moment you stand it up and the clothes fall lifeless next to the pole holding him together.  I began to tie string in every possible place where hay was falling only to find that keeping it in the belly is the hardest part.  I tucked in the shirt and 10 minutes later it had made its way out again.  I eventually put a “belt” on him, (more string) and hoped for the best.  He seems to be doing quite well though he is scaring the monks.

The next time  I attempt to build a scarecrow I will procure a “How to Build a Scarecrow, Dummy’s Guide” now that I know how difficult the process truly is.  Good luck to all in your scarecrow building attempts, you will need it!


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