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Recently we, (my roommates and I) have been hearing scratching and biting sounds coming from underneath the house.  We called the landlords immediately as it was happening in multiple rooms at one time.  It cannot be good and the sounds were disconcerting to say the least.  Those poor mice/rats were having a field day and were on a schedule.  They came at 4pm and 4am every single day like clockwork.  The moment they started scratching at 4am Sienna (our dog) cannot not handle it and we know that sleep is over for the evening and we were up for the long haul.  With all these happenings I have stayed fairly calm… they can take the house down for all I care, it is made out of cardboard.

It was actually amusing until one morning when I emerged from my room and found that a small rodent had taken it upon himself/herself to dig through ALL of our starters and eat the seeds out of each and every container.  We had planted over 40 starter seeds that were turned into mouse food in an evening.  I was so bummed!

So, we have had a few setbacks, and have decided to wait to put melons and squash in the ground until we can actually put the seeds into the ground.  It is strange what is doing well at the temple and what is struggling.  It has been a rougher spring than the previous one and you never can tell what it is going to be.

In addition to our rodent visitors we have had quite a few slug visitors as well.  Their visits are often incredibly damaging and I never understood why until just the other day.  I walked into the garden to do some weeding and visit my plant friends and found a slug sitting on one of the lettuce leaves.  The slug’s mouth opened like a round vacuum cleaner and ate HUGE pieces of leaf with one solitary bite.  I was amazed and let him finish the entirety of the leaf while I watched in amazement.  I never imagined that a slug’s mouth could do that and always wondered how they could eat so much.  Now I know!

All of our slug visitors are not being escorted outside of the garden gates where hopefully, they will find a new place to forage.


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