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Preparing the Seeds

Today we set out to get our starters going!  The beds have been completed and it was A LOT of hard labor.  It feels amazing though to have the beds tilled and raised, manure mixed in, the soil loose and all ready for seeds to be layed and roots to grow.  The weather doesn’t seem to be ready just yet so our plan is to begin the growing process indoors, taking the starters outside in the morning to get their daily dose of sunlight and bringing them back in at dusk to protect them from the cold, late night, Northwest temperatures.

In an attempt to save money, we are using egg cartons as our starter pots.  I have read that they decompose in the soil so you don’t even need to remove the growing seedling from the carton, just drop the carton right into the bed and the veggies roots will grow right through them and into the soil!  We did not start all of our seeds for the season as many seeds need to be dropped directly into the beds.  We did start broccoli, bell peppers, tomatoes, a variety of herbs, and lettuce.

We mixed a combination of soil from the beds the veggies will be growing in, sand from the beach, and compost soil thanks to our worm friends.  We harvested a little of the “tea” as well and mixed that in… giving these veggies every reason to live and prosper, providing us with fresh veggies all summer long.

There were some lettuce seeds left over and as our box turtles LOVE lettuce, we mixed a few seeds into their outdoor habitat, (which is covered in potting soil) to see if the turtles could also have something to munch on all summer long!


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