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Planting the Seeds

This weekend was a tremendously big weekend with the arrival of somewhat warm weather and the go ahead from a gardening guru at Bay Hay and Feed.  We picked up a few more seeds, more straw for our walkways, wooden stakes to label our seeds, and another “how to” book and headed to our garden dedicated to get some work done.  We put the finishing touches on our beds, added additional manure, set up our water source, laid down the straw and began placing delicate seeds into their new and fertile homes.  The raised beds, mixed with manure are amazingly healthy, as we have spotted an abundance of wriggling worms and gigantic slugs.

We planted approximately 60 carrots, 50 onions, 6 potatoes, 40 beans, 30 letttuce, 20 cabbage, and an unknown amount of chard, broccoli, spinach, and brussel sprouts!  We filled almost two of our three beds, which are 3 feet by 15 feet.  Exhaustion began to set in by the 5th hour and we were not even close to being done yet!  We left the third and final row for the starters that we still have growing in our dining room!  Pumpkins, bell peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, squash, and an abundance of herbs are all awaiting the arrival of 50-degree evenings so that they can join their vegetable friends in the garden!

We attempted to place “good companion” vegetables next to each other in an attempt to replace necessary nutrients into the soil and to ward off unwanted pest visitors.  This is something that I read in my veggie bible and I am hoping to learn more about “companion” planting in the future… very interesting stuff!  The book stated that the carrot beetle can be a very pesky insect so we placed a row of onions next to a row of carrots and continued in that manner down the bed.  The pungent scent of the onion hides the scent of the carrots and will hopefully keep the beetle at bay.

We were dually enthralled when we got home and discovered  that our faithful lettuce and broccoli starters were poking their tiny seedling heads through the soil.  It was an instant reminder of why we are putting in these long hours, the chance to see something grow and to be a part of it!

In addition to an amazing day planting yesterday, I was fortunate enough to visit the tulip fields in the Skagit Valley this weekend with my mother as an early 27th birthday present to me!  The flowers were beautiful and such an amazing reminder of how magical Mother Nature can truly be!!!


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