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Lessons Learned

So… I am halfway through my quarter and have discovered a few of the mistakes that I have already made and learned from!  🙂  Apparently, you are not supposed to use soil from your garden to begin starters.  From what I have read, the soil could be diseased and may hinder a seedling from growing big and strong.  It is smarter to mix a starter soil with the harvested vermi-compost to create the most fertile living environment for young seeds.  Our seeds are actually poking through so it seems as though that small mistake will not cost us hugely.

We planted more starters a week ago and decided to buy starter cups made out of fiber and also purchased organic starter soil… hopefully these guys will grow to be veggie producing plants.  Something else that I am discovering has been incredibly challenging are our bell peppers!  They are not even showing signs of growth and I am beginning to become a little worried.  I am wondering if some bell pepper varieties grow better in the NW?  Do they need more sun than I have been able to provide for them?  I am going to continue to wait and see and hope for the best though I think these may be the most loved starters I have ever seen.  They are carried out every morning and inside every evening… they are sprinkled with water and harvested vermi-compost “tea” and even get a little assurance daily of what a wonderful job they are doing!


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