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An End to the ISP but a Beginning to My Summer Gardening

So tomorrow is the end of our ISP projects, we will be presenting all that we have learned to the community at Islandwood.  I feel that I have quite a bit to share but know that I have SO much still to learn.  This summer I look forward to learning more, harvesting what grows and eating organic vegetables grown in a garden that I worked hard for.  In addition, I will have the opportunity to take two 10 year olds that I will be nannying for to the garden.  I am hoping to have the chance to practice some gardening lessons from Life Labs on them and they are excited to dig in the dirt!  🙂

The broccoli, spinach, onions, and peas are shooting up and look incredibly healthy.  I scavenged the entire garden and only found one slug today, which was so encouraging.  The only thing that seems to be favored by the slugs now is the lettuce, which is fine by me.  If we have to have a sacrificial veggie for the others to survive in my first year gardening, I am okay with that.  I am also going to collect coffee grounds and try out the master gardener trick as well.

We have been doing some vertical gardening in addition to the raised beds with the strawberries and they seem to be really happy about growing from hanging soil.  We were able to use recycled milk cartons and juice containers, which was another bonus.  I am sure they would be happy with more sun and hopefully this weekend will deliver.

If anyone on Bainbridge would like to come and help with the garden they are more than welcome.  It is a community of people who love to garden and would like fresh vegetables to cook with.


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