A New Education

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As part of my Independent Student Project, I will be working in a garden on Bainbridge Island at a temple only 5 minutes from my house.  The reason I chose gardening as my ISP is that it is something I have wanted to learn more about, gain tricks of the trade, and hands-on experience.  The situation that presented itself was amazing as the garden is huge and is forgiving when mistakes are made.  In addition to the hands-on work, I will be blogging about my experiences here each week.  I will be posting triumphs, troubles, growth issues, etc… in the hope that during this quarter, I can grow as a vegetable gardener.

I will also be posting resources for building vegetable gardens with students.  My passion is to encourage students to make healthy choices for themselves and their communities through gardening and education.  With my gained knowledge during this process as well as the Master Gardener program this winter, I hope to be a seasoned veteran, helping other teachers create gardens and lessons that will best serve their elementary classroom needs.

Preparing the Beds

Preparing the Seeds

Planting the Seeds

Weeding and Waiting

Lessons Learned


Talking with Others

An End to the ISP but a Beginning to My Summer Gardening

Teacher Resources:

Paper Pots from Life Labs and more…


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