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Forest Kindergartens!

on January 8, 2010

I stumbled across this story and was so excited about this school’s mission to instill natural creativity, fine motor skills and social interaction in this amazing environment.  These 3-5 year old students in Saratoga Springs, NY spend three hours a day outside rain or shine!  This is an excellent model for the direction that education could be heading if parents,teachers and tax payers demanded reform.

In using the word reform I realize how truly obscure that word is these days.  It has been thrown around in the press and in politics so much that I feel it may have lost some of its meaning along the way.  There are many uses of the word reform but I feel the most important one and the meaning that came up first when I looked up the word is, “to form again”.  To form again is such a simple phrase encompassing such a large task.  It does not mean to amend or make changes to.  It very clearly states that we must start from scratch, get back to the drawing board so to speak and brainstorm an education where children will learn, understand and gain a deeper meaning of the world around them while developing meaningful relationships and engaging in positive social interactions.

There are many other schools taking the initiative, we can make it happen!  If you know of another school that is shaping a new education, please share it!



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