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Philosophy with kids!

on December 3, 2009

Welcome!!!  This blog will contain resources, book ideas, gardening, compost info and much, much more!  Comments are not only welcome but appreciated!  I hope that this can become a place where ideas are shared, used and executed to make every teacher the best teacher they can be for their students!

Recently I have been reading an amazing book by Marietta McCarty titled “Little Big Minds”.  It offers great insight and easy to use, hands on activities for teachers of all grades, (especially at the elementary level) to use with their class.  The book introduces concepts of philosophy to children in a way that is tangible for them.  What I find most amazing about this book is that while it may be introducing ideas of philosophy, it really is teaching the most basic principles that encourage strong interpersonal and social skills.  It introduces ideas such as love, courage, death, justice and responsibility, using philosophers as the jumping point to get kids thinking about their own moral code.  Beginning these activities and having these philosophical discussions on the first day of school will help build a supportive classroom where students are held accountable for their actions.


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